Jeanne Benichou

I'm currently looking for a professional training contract from January 2018

Hi There!🙋
I’m Jeanne Benichou, a design student based in Paris. My work is articulated through substantial and modern artistic direction whether it's a personal, professional or student project. I study the uses in a cultural and social context and from there, purposes relevant and beautiful solution. I belive the future of design is multi-sensorial experiences, transdisciplinarity and fields of applications.

Some of projects are available on desktop

Jeanne Benichou

Jeanne Benichou, Freelance Designer

Previoulsy designer at AREA 17, Jeanne is focusing to set up interactive experiences. She offers contemporary solutions in art direction, graphic design, web design and branding. Fascinated by art, culture and technologies, she is remains convinced of the powerful impact of multidisciplinary projects.

She is always interested to work with passionate and motivated people. For every collaborations or project, please get in touch. Resume and full portfolio available upon request.

jeanne.benichou5 [at]

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